UNM The Center For Life in Albuquerque, NM

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Testimonials From Participants

"Christine is exceptional, honest, creative, focused. Not only an excellent teacher and facilitator,
but a real person who can weave the personal and the groups needs into very difficult subject
matter with grace and humor". - Candice H.

"Christine’s workshop on compassionate dying was deep and meaningful. She created a
comfortable space to explore deep issues in a safe and even light way. She brought levity and
lightness which helped me go deep! Thank you!"

"I was surprised to realize how my childhood experiences were affecting my attitudes and
interactions with illness and death. This awareness will improve my interactions and
effectiveness interacting with friends and patients in these situations."

"Christine is so positive in her approach to difficult topics. I enjoyed the exercises we did in the
workshop. Christine has helped me on my way to healing myself after a serious illness."

"I appreciate your thoughtfulness in allowing me the space/time I needed to say some important
things. I am better for the sharing". – Rose Marie Cutropia

"Christine is a gracious healer. I am so grateful for her willingness to share her life experiences,
talents and skills in guiding me to increase my awareness and choice of language when
discussing my own healing as well as others."

"Christine brings her life experience to her work in a beautifully honest way. The workshop is
safe and nurturing."