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Presenting a series of inter-related workshops that will mindfully explore language, communication, self empowerment and writing through the lens of medical experiences.

There is a vast difference between being cured and being healed. These workshops are designed to walk you gently back to your well being and living your full potential.

Join Christine Sherwood at The Center For Life in Albuquerque, NM

for four introductory workshops March 18/19, each class is four hours in length. You can choose to attend any or all. Each class is $75.00.

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Michelle Hale at or call 505-925-4551

Christine Sherwood, LMT, DHM

Christine has been a teacher in the healing arts since 1995. She facilitates retreats at Ghost Ranch for women who have had cancer. She is the author of Fire & Ash; The Alchemy of Cancer and Help Me Remember Who I Am.

The Language of Healing:

Saturday March 18, 9:00am-1:00pm

In this first class of the weekend we will begin to identify the language that we choose. Words are very powerful, and as recent studies are proving, taking a conscious look at the words we choose, especially during an illness by both the patient and the doctor, can have profound effects on the psychological well being of a patient.

First, through open conversation and then writing, meditations designed to reveal our mind/ body intuitions around words, and awareness exercises, you will discover the language that best serves you. Then seven components that support healthy communication will be presented and used as a template to further uncover successful communication skills and a language that can aid in your healing.

The Empowered Patient:

Saturday March 18, 2:00pm-6:00pm

One of the most debilitating results of being ill is the loss of power. The vulnerability that ensues is alarmingly uncomfortable and can create fear, anger, and difficulty in the decision making process. This stress impacts the body’s ability to heal by creating a compromised immune and nervous system.

In this second class we will discuss how doctors are trained to diagnose. This training can streamline diagnosises, but it has its shortcomings. As a patient or caregiver we will learn the questions to ask and skillful ways to approach our doctor so we receive the best care they can offer. Through writing and awareness exercises we will examine the repercussions that fear, anxiety, shame and medical trauma can have on our ability to be empowered and have self authority while speaking with our doctors. Then together find solutions that build stronger trust, communication and healthy outcomes within the partnership of you and your physician.

The Compassionate Witness: Being Present with Illness and Death:

Sunday March 19, 9:00am-1:00pm

In this class we will bring awareness to our comfort level with illness, suffering and death. We will investigate where our different belief structures of illness/death arise from (family dynamics, life experiences, society) and explore these conditioned responses so we can gain greater understanding of our physical and emotional feelings while in the presence of illness or death, thus creating more space for compassion and forgiveness.

Meditation,writing and interpersonal exercises will be utilized in a supportive and safe environment. Using these tools will allow honest inquiry to reveal our strengths and teach us how to employ these strengths to life's challenges.

Tending the Fire; Writing to Heal:

Sunday March 19, 2:00pm-6:00pm

The goal of this class is to experience and develop the benefits of the practice of writing. Simple writing techniques, along with mind/body tracking/meditation and writing prompts, will all support participants to safely “write to heal”.

When we allow ourselves an unfiltered voice, free from blame, shame, or self-righteousness and invite the disavowed parts of our self to speak through the written word, the catharsis of uncovering our vulnerability, unleashes our authentic and wise voice. Revealing of our deepest thoughts, and knowing they are only for our eyes, can be surprisingly enlightening and leads to greater self understanding and improved health.

Christine will share from her own works...

Fire & Ash: The alchemy of Cancer and Help Me Remember Who I Am