Fire & Ash: The Alchemy of Cancer

Christine Sherwood vividly brings us into her world, balancing the darkness with the light inspired by deep faith, love, and trust. In the divine plan for her life. She shares the compelling story in moving prose and poetry of how she found her way through a most demanding, physical, emotional and spiritual journey catalyzed by cancer. She finds her refuge in the divine in her heart and soul.

Lucille Marchand, BSN, M.D.
Director of Palliative Care Program, University of Washington Medical Center


With sparse and elegant prose, Christine Sherwood, gathers us up and carries us into the fire of her encounter with death, and then lifts us out of the ashes and delivers us into the quiet radiance of her transformed life. Masterfully done.

Mirabai Starr
Interspiritual teacher; author of God of Love: A Guide to the heart of Judaism, Christianity and Islam


With raw honesty and vulnerability, Christine Sherwood explores the truth of all spiritual teachings: that contained within every human experience – even cancer – lies the potential for deep connection with the Divine. Fire and Ash will open your heart and stretch your spirit, leading you through your own transformation.

Karen Baldwin
Cancer bloomer and author of Ruby’s World – My Journey with the Zulu


Christine Sherwood is a very brave and fine woman, may her life touch thousands of others. All stories form the river that carry us on.

Daniel Ladinsky
Bestselling Penguin Author



Fire And Ash

The Alchemy of Cancer

softcover, 6x9 inches,
150 pages

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